The Gullible Kitchen


Hello! Two years ago, I remember a very sweaty, stressed version of my past self, standing in my tiny kitchen, overwhelmed and under prepared, scrolling frantically at my phone with tomato hands, desperately searching for the next step of the BBC Good Food recipe before the sauce burnt. It burnt. We ate a raw pasta bake for supper. I was confused and upset and had indigestion. I wanted to be that person, the person with the glass jars, a recipe up my sleeve, the person who – just a minute – whips something up, the sipping red wine person, caftan, easy does it person, pass-me-the-sumac person, let it thicken, trust the pan, taste the sauce, delicious person. I am some of the above; I am partial to a glug of red or three and I own two caftans. I never, however, have trusted the pan, nor until recently, did I know what sumac was. I have two friends who fit the above bill: one of them cooked me shakshuka for the first time and the other made kale taste nice. Here’s the thing: I love eating. I love food and I love looking at pictures of it. I love recipe books for their gorgeous, thick paper count and the crafted, decadent images. I buy them and read them, fold down some corners in anticipation but – no. I have never been a good cook. And that’s fine. But then- I began to try, like, really try. One book in particular began to give me a chance (the wonderful Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour). First I tried her sweet potato with feta recipe and then moved onto anything with aubergine. I began to experiment and (most importantly) make tentative steps towards understanding flavours and how food works.

So, I’ve started this blog mainly as a motivation to myself to keep cooking, to share some ideas and to say thanks to my kitchen, whom I have well and truly tricked into thinking I am a competent cook (I hope)! I am by no means that person, but that’s cool. I’m giving it a go and that’s what counts. Get in touch if you want to chat recipes or whatever, love to hear from you.

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